AMCON case studies strip

Industrial references

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  • Automotive industry
  • Bakery /Confectionery
  • Beverage production
  • Chemical production
  • Distillery /Brewery
  • Food Industry
  • Livestock farms
  • Manufacturing plants
  • Meat production /Slaughter house
  • Other food production
  • Plastic
  • Soft drinks production

The Chicken Litter Turned into Digested Sludge as a Feedstock for a Biogas Plant

• Chicken litter into a feedstock for a biogas plant
• Highly fibrous sludge
• Ecological approach

VOLUTE DUO™ treats highly fibrous sludge from a paper production

• Paper production
• Highly fibrous sludge
• 100 % capture rate


• Good results
• Non-standard conditions
• Pet food production

VOLUTE DUO™ treats sludge with 80 % inorganic content.

• 80 % of inorganic content
• Dry solids content: 35 %
• Chemical sludge

The VOLUTE DUO™ replaces malfunctioned decanter centrifuge

• Replacement of malfunctioned centrifuge
• Dry solids content: 23.5 %
• Energy savings

An ideal solution for oily, fatty and greasy DAF sludge

• VOLUTE™ ES-303
• DAF sludge dewatering
• Switch to decentralized sludge dewatering
• Dry solids content: 28.5 %

Clog Free Dewatering Solution for FOG Sludge

• VOLUTE™ ES-131
• Fatty and greasy sludge dewatering
• Clog free mechanism
• Dry solids content: 25.5 %

AMCON treats raw wastewater at a slaughterhouse in Sweden

• Raw wastewater
• Sludge concentration: 7 %
• COD reduction: 64 %

Clog Free Dewatering at a Meat Processing Plant

• Dry solids content: 21.1 %
• Mixed digestate and WAS
• Capture rate: 100 %

VOLUTE DUO™ dewaters highly inorganic sludge from a cyanide production

• Dry solids content: 21.2 %
• Inorganic content: 89.4 %
• Phosphorus reduction

VOLUTE DUO™ thrives on dewatering sludge from plastic recycling

• Dry solids content: 49 %
• Total solids: 9 %
• DAF sludge from plastic recycling

VOLUTE DUO™ dewaters highly fibrous sludge

• Dry solids content: 21 %
• Fibre content: 35.5 %
• Variable sludge conditions

VOLUTE™ dewatering press as a primary wastewater treatment

• VOLUTE™ EC-351
• Dry solids content: 23.4%
• COD reduction by 61 %
• Raw waste water dewatering

Dewatering Sludge from Chemical Precipitation

• VOLUTE™ ES-132
• Dry solids content: 25 – 30 %
• Reduction of power consumption
• Oily sludge treatment

Environmentally-Friendly Sludge Dewatering

• 4 units of VOLUTE™ ES-353
• Spent wash dewatering
• Environmentally-friendly sludge treatment
• Chemical engineering know-how
• Dewatering cylinder customization

Pig Slaughterhouse in Tambov, Russia

• VOLUTE™ ES-402
• Replacement for decanter centrifuge
• DSC 28 – 30%
• Improvement of sludge management

Rental Solution: Food Colors Production Plant in Germany

• VOLUTE™ GS-202
• Rental Unit ready to use
• COD reduction
• DSC reaches up to 30 %
• Immediate dewatering

Raw wastewater at Greggs, UK

• VOLUTE™ ES-101
• Confectionary in UK
• VOLUTE™ installed instead of DAF
• Minimazing sludge content for disposal

Diageo spent wash dewatering

• 11 units of VOLUTE™ ES-354
• Raw spent wash
• DSC: 30%
• Dewatered spent wash used as a fuel for a bio-energy plant

Gnocchi manufacturer, Italy

• VOLUTE™ GS-351
• Low concentration sludge
• DSC: 20%
• Build-in thickening system

Containerized solution, Fish hatchery, Norway

• Containerized solution with VOLUTE™ ES-132
• Primary sludge with unstable concentration
• DSC: 20%
• Fully automatic unmanned operation

Owasebussan Co., Ltd.

• Fish processing industry
• Oily sludge with scales
• No need of scale separation from sludge before treatment
• Cost and labor saving

Otokomae Tofu Inc.

• VOLUTE replaced belt filter press
• Low maintenance
• Second installation for the company
• Higher DSC

Komagata Foods Co., Ltd.

• Fish feed
• VOLUTE replaced belt filter press
• Better performance for better price
• Easy maintenance

Nippoh Chemicals CO.,LTD.

• VOLUTE replaces belt filter press
• Operators freed from maintenance
• No more spilling
• Self-cleaning mechanism

Ishikawa Stockbreeding, Inc. (Pig Manure Dewatering)

• Pig manure dewatering
• DSC further transformed into compost and sold
• Time and financial saving on sludge disposal

CSR-Apple juice and cider factory, Le Theil, FR

• Waste activated sludge
• 24 hour/day operation
• Low water consumption
• Throughput: 80-90 kg-DS/h

First Salmon fish farm installation – Fully automated containerized solution.

AE is very happy to inform that we have successfully delivered and commissioned a containerized VOLUTE™ dewatering press to Salmon fish farm. Primary sludge from water cleaning drum filters is well known for its very low and very unstable concentration and amounts created. Despite these very variable conditions we succeeded and brought fully automated solution…

VOLUTE™ starts moving to Petroleum mining field

Sludge was DAF sludge added with polyferric sulfate and polymer. Customer was very satisfied with the test results and took the decision to install VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press. Please take a close look at the results as follows:   Model: ES-131 Sludge type: DAF Total solid concentration : 1.81% Inlet sludge volume: 1.2m3/h Throughput: 21.6 kg-DS/h…

Farewell to Oily Sludge and Clogging Issues

Tecroveer, our distributors of VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press in South Africa had succeeded to win a big industrial project in a poultry farm in Rustenburg which is a town located 130 km north-west from Johannesburg. This poultry farm is the biggest chicken processing plant on the Southern hemisphere. The average production is around 400,000 chickens a day.…