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“From Revolution to Evolution” VOLUTE DUO™, new twin screw press available for various dewatering needs at a competitive cost.

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“Squeezing” technology, the basis of sludge treatment.

High dewatering performance achieved with easy maintenance.


VOLUTE DUO™ continuously dewaters a mix of DAF sludge and manure filtrate at low OPEX costs

• Mix of DAF sludge and manure filtrate
• Contains 21 % fibers
• Achieving 20.5 % dryness

We graced the cover of the April issue of “Forbes JAPAN” magazine and were featured in a special article

The cover of the April issue of “Forbes JAPAN” (published by Linkties, released on February 24, 2024) features Manabu Aizawa, our President and CEO. In this issue, there is a special feature on our company, where we brought home the honorable grand prize as Japan’s proud “Small Giant” at the “Forbes JAPAN SMALL GIANTS AWARD…

The biggest model of VOLUTE DUO™ dewaters sludge from a famous distillery

• Spent wash
• Contains 18.8% fibers
• Achieving up to 19.6% dryness