wastewater treatment, Homepage, AMCON Europe s.r.o.

“From Revolution to Evolution” VOLUTE DUO™, new twin screw press available for various dewatering needs at a competitive cost.

wastewater treatment, Homepage, AMCON Europe s.r.o.

“Squeezing” technology, the basis of sludge treatment.

High dewatering performance achieved with easy maintenance.


AMCON Deutschland GmbH has a new address

Notification about recall of Mr. Christopher Willing and our new address and phone number Dear business partner, as of 31.07.2021, AMCON Deutschland GmbH (HR 12448) recalls one of its managing directors, Mr. Christopher Willing. The other existing Managing Director, Mr. Takaaki Yamamoto, remains as the managing director of the company together with all existing members…

VOLUTE DUO webinar

All You Need to Know about VOLUTE DUO In case you missed our online seminar on our evolutionary VOLUTE DUO dewatering press. You have an opportunity to learn all essential information regarding the performance, innovative features, advantages and much more. Watch till the end to learn a lot of useful data from our VOLUTE DUO…

AMCON introduces a new dewatering press VOLUTE DUO

VOLUTE DUO From Revolution to Evolution We would like to intorudce to you our new VOLUTE DUO™ dewatering press, which is the further evolution of our VOLUTE™ dewatering press.  VOLUTE DUO™ brings many innovations that move the sludge dewatering to the next stage. One filtration cylinder contains two screws reducing the risk of sludge blocking…