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VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press

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VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press Unlike Any Other

The performance of dewatering equipment is enhanced by removing clogging which could considerably block the discharge of the filtered liquid.

AMCON’s dewatering press is equipped with unique VOLUTE technology, which allows dewatering sludge while automatically self-cleaning the filter mesh.

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VOLUTE™ technology

VOLUTE is structured with a filter element that consists of two types of Rings: a Fixed Ring and a Moving Ring; and a screw that thrusts the filter element and transfers and pressurizes the sludge. The gaps between the Rings and the screw pitch are designed to gradually get narrower towards the direction of sludge cake outlet and the inner pressure of the filter element increases due to the volume compression effect, which thickens and dewaters the sludge.

Advantages of VOLUTE™

The advantages of VOLUTE dewatering press

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