Inline dynamic mixer

Inline Dynamic and Static Mixers

AMCON inline mixing equipment

The inline dynamic and static mixers were developed in cooperation with the Czech Technical University in Prague for the best practice with inline mixing in industrial processes.

The unique design of the mixing chamber provides high admixing efficiency and reduces the risk of blockage.

The inline mixing optimizes the admixing process thanks to a lower dilution ratio, e.g.: polymer dilution.

Inline dynamic mixer

Dynamic Mixer


Homogenous mixing result
Significantly reduced risk
of blockage

Long lifespan
Potential chemical saving by improving the mixing efficiency
Installation and integration in existing processes


Dry run protection
Thermistor to prevent motor overheating
Material upgrade to AISI 316L, AISI 316Ti
Variable-frequency drive (VFD)


Sludge and wastewater treatment
Chemical industry
Food and beverage

Customer service

Quick and easy spare parts service
Reliable customer support
Two-year warranty

Dynamic Mixer - Technical Sheet

ModelCapacity1 – Main substance [m3/h]
Capacity1 – Mixed substance [m3/h]Power [kW]Installation length [mm]Connection typeInjection port sizeProtection classRotary speed2 [rpm]Material
DM40100.70.25300 / 430Flange / UnionG 1/2“ F-threadIP55300 – 1700AISI 304
DM501520.37315 / 455Flange / UnionG 1/2“ F-threadIP55300 – 1700AISI 304
DM80354.50.75385FlangeG 3/4“ F-threadIP55300 – 1700AISI 304
DM1006061 .1435FlangeG 1“ F-threadIP55300 – 1700AISI 304
  1. The capacity is dependent on the concentration of the mixed substances.
  2. The variable rotation speed is possible only with an application of the variable-frequency drive (VFD).

How does the Dynamic Mixer work?

Inline Dynamic Mixer increases the quality of flocculation and subsequently improves the sludge dewatering process

Lower quality flocculation without Dynamic mixer
Typical flocculation quality without Inline Dynamic Mixer
Flocculation with dynamic mixer
High flocculation quality with the use of an Inline Dynamic Mixer

Reducing the operation cost, increasing the efficiency

Tens of laboratory and on-site tests prove the improvement of mixing processes in industrial use.

We present you with the results of dozens tests conducted to optimize the chemical dosing during sludge dewatering in wastewater treatment.


ParameterAverage tests results
Polymer consumption–  22 %
Dryness of the dewatered sludge+ 1.2 %
Throughput increase+ 5 %
Dilution water volume reducedYES
Capture rate+ 3 %

Static Mixer

The static mixer or motionless mixer ensures reliable and continuous mixing of liquids in the pipeline.

Cost-effective admixing
Energy-saving motionless design
Wide range of application
Two-year warranty

Static mixer with descriptions

Static Mixer - Technical Sheet

ModelCapacity1– Main substance [m3/h]
Capacity1– Mixed substance [m3/h]Installation length [mm]Connection typeInjection port sizeMaterial
SM404.50.4370/500Flange / UnionG 1/2“ F-threadAISI 304
SM50202370/510Flange / UnionG 1/2“ F-threadAISI 304
  1. The capacity is dependent on the concentration of the mixed substances.

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