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We will take care, more than others

Flexibility icon - Rental solution

Flexible rental from 15 days. Good for temporary or emergency needs

Solution all-inclusive

All-inclusive plug&play experience right away

Flocculant selection

Flocculant selection service included

Rental solution - flocculant recommendation icon

Free flocculant included for start-up

Low cost solution

One of the lowest operation costs guaranteed

Easy installation icon

Installation, deinstallation, operation support by phone and visit

Perfect for cases like these

Our existing dewatering machine is put into service and we need solution immediately

We don’t have a budget for this year to invest in purchasing a dewatering machine, but need a functioning machine now

We need a temporary solution to empty the “sludge pond”

Sludge production has been increased due to an increase in our production line and we need immediately extra capacity

AMCON group - teamwork

The standard service includes:

Polymer selection sludge analysis




Scope of supply of customers:



Polymer after the commissioning.
We can supply.

Operator after the commissioning

Disposal of sludge cake and filtrate water

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