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VT series

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Sludge Thickener VOLUTE™

Thickener VT series thickens sludge with concentration of 1% or less to that with a concentration of 4 to 6%.
This mechanical thickening will constantly produce stable thickened sludge, which is difficult with gravity thickening.
It is possible to install as pre-thickener for your existing belt press or centrifuge to improve their dewatering performance.
Furthermore, even in some facilities where the dewatered cakes are not easily transported, the volume of sludge to be disposed of can be reduced by thickening and yet it is still easily transported (pumped) as it is still in liquid form.


Volute VT series, VT series, AMCON Europe s.r.o.

Specifications List


Dimensions [mm]Total Power
Consumption [kW]
Weight [kg]
VT-101up to 1177290112500.3160290
VT-131up to 3177290112500.3170300
VT-201up to 10243690117371.15360680
VT-301up to 303463132020261.58401650
VT-302up to 60477816852026315004200
VT-303up to 904978193020264.4519505550
* Capacity is based on waste activated sludge from biological treatment with TS 0.4% and thickening up to 4% with polymer.
* Throughput above is calculated as approximate and may vary depending on sludge condition. For model selection, please contact us.

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