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  • AMCON has been treating wastewater and sludge since 1974
  • AMCON not only has the experience and knowhow of treating sludge, but also designs and develops its own sludge treatment technologies including VOLUTE
  • AMCON with VOLUTE has achieved tremendous cost reduction in water and wastewater treatment all over the world
  • Solutions AMCON has provided to the world: Decentralized dewatering, direct dewatering of thin sludge (elimination of sludge pre-thickening), a higher phosphorus capture rate, removing the problem of sludge storage, reduction in DAF using organic coagulants, cost-effective primary treatment of wastewater

From what segment do you come from?

Municipal wastewater treatment
Industrial wastewater treatment

Why sludge treatment is important to you

  • In EU, waste (mainly sludge) from water and wastewater treatment is the only type of waste that has been increasing over the last 12 years and has been the 2nd largest waste of all human activities
  • Sludge will continue to be generated as a byproduct of water and wastewater treatment for many decades
  • The environmental impact of sludge treatment is big ranging from air, soil (food and underground water), and sea pollutions
  • Sludge treatment cost is high, being usually the largest share of wastewater treatment plants operating costs