VOLUTE model installed at the WWTP

From Pilot Test to the Best Sludge Dewatering Solution

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First of all we gather some sludge samples to analyze them in our laboratory, before we come to your site with our mobile unit. Some of it will be used for JAR test to select the right flocculant and potentially other chemical products. After that, the pilot test follows, AMCON team comes with the fully equipped mobile dewatering press together with flocculants to demonstrate the results during real operation. The aim is to reach an appropriate setting of the technology to provide great results with minimal operating costs. Based on the data collected, our team suggests the best solution with potential tailor made modifications. The best sludge dewatering solution starts with a pilot test by AMCON.

VOLUTE during pilot test on WWTP
VOLUTE operation during pilot test.

Pilot Test at the WWTP

Pilot test at the WWTP in SYNTHESIA, a.s. with mechanical, biological and tertiary treatment treats wastewater from chemical production and therefore is a good example of an AMCON pilot test. There had been installed a thickener only and as the requirement for the customer to dispose the sludge had changed, the customer decided to replace it with a dewatering technology that would process the sludge to sludge cake with high content of dry solids and a good-quality filtrate.

Settling tank
One of three lamella settling tanks on the site.

Inquiry of WWTP:

1. Wastewater volume: min. 30 m³/h
2. Sludge amount: 240 kg DS/h
3. Sludge cake dryness: min. 20% DS
4. Dewatered filtrate quality: max. SS 200 mg/l

A view of a lamella settling tank
A view of a lamella settling tank. 

Sludge Characteristics:

Type of sludge: WAS from chemical production
Sludge concentration: 0,18 – 0,33%
Sludge flow: 1,5 m³/h
Capacity of the WWTP: 171 – 285 m³/day

Flocculant Selection for the Pilot Test

We usually analyze the sludge prior to the pilot test in our laboratory. That way AMCON chooses a flocculant which will help create strong flocs for easy dewatering. Out of 6 chemicals tested during the JAR tests, we chose two of them as the best ones to use for the customer´s chemical sludge. AMCON Europe uses YESfloc® products. Although, flocculant CWEX736 made the DSC around 19%, the COEX88 reached over 25% and did not go below 20% of DS in any of the tests we have done.
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Flow control tank
Sludge in a flow control tank before a flocculant is injected.
Floccs of high quality with the use of YESfloc
Tight floccs created with YESfloc products.


  • Despite the low sludge concentration, we achieved very good results.
  • Filtrate quality required: 200mg/l. Achieved: 40mg/l.
  • Best result of DSC: 25,04%.

VOLUTETM dewatering press, a GS model, is specifically suitable for a sludge with low concentration down to 0,2%  thanks to patented Thickening Flocculation Unit (TFU) and its unique dewatering cylinder which has a built-in pre-thickening zone. Hereby, we prove great results with sludge concentration as low as 0,2% with minimum operation costs (electricity and water) and with minimum time for maintenance and service.

VOLUTE Pilot test unit
Pilot test mobile equipment
Sludge cake at the outlet
Volute outlet. Dry solids value reaching even over 25% during testing. 

Experience the Best Sludge Dewatering

The customer, SYNTHESIA, a.s., selected VOLUTETM technology as the best solution for the application. The pilot test showed the results the customer may expect in the real operation time. Several other companies participated in the tender and VOLUTETM won due to the highest efficiency among other competitors for its consistent dry cake production. Nowadays, the installation has been installed for a year and the customer is satisfied specifically with the great results and low attention needed for the operation. We are thankful to the client for their appreciation of our product and service quality.

The pilot test starts the best sludge dewatering.

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