Volute EC series, EC series, AMCON Europe s.r.o.

EC series

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The standard VOLUTE Dewatering Press model

EC series standard model VOLUTE dewatering presses consist of the basic configuration and a sludge conditioning tank.


Volute EC series, EC series, AMCON Europe s.r.o.

Specifications List

Raw Wastewater / Waste Activated Sludge /
Chemically Precipitated Sludge
Flotation Sludge
Mixed Raw Sludge
EC-101up to 2kg-DS/h
(up to 1.0m3/h)
up to 3kg-DS/h
(up to 0.3m3/h)
up to 5kg-DS/h
(up to 0.25m3/h)
up to 10kg-DS/h
(up to 0.2m3/h)
up to 13kg-DS/h
(up to 0.43m3/h)
EC-131up to 4kg-DS/h
(up to 2.0m3/h)
up to 6kg-DS/h
(up to 0.6m3/h)
up to 10kg-DS/h
(up to 0.5m3/h)
up to 20kg-DS/h
(up to 0.4m3/h)
up to 26kg-DS/h
(up to 0.87m3/h)
EC-201up to 8kg-DS/h
(up to 4.0m3/h)
up to 12kg-DS/h
(up to 1.2m3/h)
up to 20kg-DS/h
(up to 1.0m3/h)
up to 40kg-DS/h
(up to 0.8m3/h)
up to 52kg-DS/h
(up to 1.73m3/h)
EC-202up to 16kg-DS/h
(up to 8.0m3/h)
up to 24kg-DS/h
(up to 2.4m3/h)
up to 40kg-DS/h
(up to 2.0m3/h)
up to 80kg-DS/h
(up to 1.6m3/h)
up to 104kg-DS/h
(up to 3.47m3/h)
EC-301up to 20kg-DS/h
(up to 10.0m3/h)
up to 30kg-DS/h
(up to 3.0m3/h)
up to 50kg-DS/h
(up to 2.5m3/h)
up to 100kg-DS/h
(up to 2.0m3/h)
up to 130kg-DS/h
(up to 4.33m3/h)
EC-351up to 40kg-DS/h
(up to 20m3/h)
up to 60kg-DS/h
(up to 6.0m3/h)
up to 100kg-DS/h
(up to 5.0m3/h)
up to 200kg-DS/h
(up to 4.0m3/h)
up to 260kg-DS/h
(up to 8.67m3/h)
EC-352up to 80kg-DS/h
(up to 40m3/h)
up to 120kg-DS/h
(up to 12m3/h)
up to 200kg-DS/h
(up to 10m3/h)
up to 400kg-DS/h
(up to 8.0m3/h)
up to 520kg-DS/h
(up to 17.3m3/h)
EC-353up to 120kg-DS/h
(up to 60m3/h)
up to 180kg-DS/h
(up to 18m3/h)
up to 300kg-DS/h
(up to 15m3/h)
up to 600kg-DS/h
(up to 12m3/h)
up to 780kg-DS/h
(up to 26m3/
EC-354 up to 160kg-DS/h
(up to 80m3/h)
 up to 240kg-DS/h
(up to 24m3/h)
up to 400kg-DS/h
(up to 20m3/h)
up to 800kg-DS/h
(up to 16m3/h)
 up to 1040kg-DS/h
(up to 34.7m3/h)
ModelDimensions (mm)Total Power
Consumption (kW)
Weight (kg)
  • Throughput above is calculated as approximate and may vary depending on sludge condition. For model selection, please contact us.
  • Throughput of each model is based on sludge cake with 20±5% solids content.
  • There is no certain upper limitation on inlet sludge concentration, however, the target sludge must be flowable.
  • Throughput of DAF Sludge is based on sludge containing much fat, oil, and grease such as meat processing applications etc.
  • Throughput of Mixed Sludge (Primary Sludge and Waste Activated Sludge) is based on sludge containing 20% ­fiber (150 micron mesh clearance) against Total Solids.

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