YESfloc chemical products

Flocculants – YESfloc<sup>®</sup>
and Coagulants

We want to be responsible not only for the craftsmanship and design of the machinery, but also the performance of it. This is not possible without being responsible for the flocculants in sludge dewatering business.

We will choose it for you

AMCON has carefully selected and been periodically updating out list of most suitable flocculants or sludge dewatering based on more than 45 years of experience. Sample products are available and we also take sludge sample and do the polymer matching test for free of charge.

AMCON laboratory
AMCON team

We reduce sludge production

Sludge reduction can be achieved if right chemicals are dosed in the right amount in the right way. Throughout the history of AMCON, we have learned how to do it. Some of our coagulants do not produce surplus sludge while metal coagulants such as ferric sulphate produce a lot of sludge. Please feel free to talk to us for actual demonstration on your site.