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Diageo spent wash dewatering

Europe’s largest alcoholic drink distillery. Raw spent wash dewatering AMCON contributing to the World Most Environmentally Friendly Distillery Problem atmosphere unpleasant and unsafe with the amount spray that was airborne. The dewatering room was full of mould due to the yeast in the spent wash. The client needed a stable, continuous delivery of dewatered spent…

Gnocchi manufacturer, Italy

GS model for primary treatment of raw wastewater At this gnocchi production plant, VOLUTE™ was installed for dewatering of raw wastewater, utilizing the feature of Thickening Flocculation Unit (TFU) which is build-in as standard for GS model. TFU pre-thickens raw wastewater with low concentration of suspended solids which is further dewatered by dewatering cylinder. This…

Fish hatchery, Norway

Containerized VOLUTE™ All in one. Plug and play. At this fish hatchery, they need to treat their wastewater to meet the discharge consent to the sea. VOLUTE™ was selected as a result of pilot test as the best solution both from technical and economical point of view. The advantage of VOLUTE™ cylinder being able to…

YESfloc® (Coagulant) – Biological treatment of industrial WW

• Improved sedimantation process
• Reduction of generated sludge
• Fully biodegradable
• Does not contain any harmful metals
• Does not effect the pH

YESfloc® COEX88 – Biological treatment of industrial WW

• Replaced two products by one
• Improved storage and operation
• Reduced total polymer dosage by 88%

YESfloc® CP50 – Municipal WWTP up to 10 000 PE

• Achieved savings on annual sludge disposal cost by 11%
• Reduced annual polymer consumption by 20%

KankyouKougaku Inc.

A company that is continuously enhancing the client satisfaction level, I think so. Mr. Shuji Hoshina, Chief Executive Officer Automatic water vending machines are often located at super-markets. Our company developed the machines for the first time in Japan. We are engaged in designing, development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of total purification systems. In the…

Owasebussan Co., Ltd.

Recycling industrial waste using Twin VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press! Owasebussan Co., Ltd. Problem Owasebussan Co., Ltd., located amid beautiful coastal and mountain scenery at Owase Bay in Higashi Kishu, Japan. The company processes various types of fish using an advanced production facility and ships out to supermarkets and other customers across Japan. Owasebussan was disposing of…

Rural Community Sewerage

Succeeded in “zero-emission” of sludge Succeeded in “zero-emission” of sludge Problem Previously, sludge was vacuumed out in this treatment plant without being dewatered; however, the cost for sludge treatment was huge. Thus, aiming at “zero-emission” of sludge, fermentation of the sludge was being considered.   AMCON’s offer for a solution They introduced Dell Compo, which…

Sewage Treatment Plant

Contributing to snowy regions in which the transportation of sludge is difficult Problem In municipal wastewater treatment plant in snowy regions, snow-bound in winter, taking dewatered cake out regularly is sometimes difficult. Two problems were also presented in this municipal wastewater treatment plant, i.e., the difficulty of taking sludge out using carriers in winter, which…

Otokomae Tofu Inc.

Otokomae Tofu Inc. produce tofu (soybean curd) and it is probably one of the most famous tofu producers in Japan. They have installed the second VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press in their Kiyosato factory, following the first one installed in their Kyoto factory. We interviewed the chief operator of their wastewater treatment plant to ask the reason…

Komagata Foods Co., Ltd.

Problem Komagata Foods Co., Ltd., manufacturing feed for fish cultivation, used to use a belt filter press, but they had always faced clogging problems because of the oily sludge. They also suffered from spillage over from the side of filter cloth, making operators to keep their eyes on the machine all day.     AMCON’s…

Office building with underground wastewater treatment plant

Problem Some office buildings and large commercial facilities have wastewater treatment facilities underground. In such case, it is difficult to take dewatered cake conveyed out, so sludge is kept in liquid form and vacuumed out by pump without being dewatered. This potential customer also had been vacuuming out the liquid sludge, and had considered how…

Nippoh Chemicals CO.,LTD.

Let it do the job for you! VOLUTE™ frees operator from maintenance. Problem Operators had to make frequent check-ups and maintenance with the existing belt filter press before introducing the VOLTUE Dewatering Press. Sludge condition changed time to time that dilute sludge often spilled over from the side of filter cloth, making operators to clean…

Nakanojo WWTP, Gunma, Japan (direct dewatering from aeration basin)

  Mr. Shigeki Yoshida, Assistant, Water and Sewer Team, Water and Sewer Section, Nakanojo Town Mr. Masato Hayashi, Executive Director, Agatsuma Water Quality Management Center Co., Ltd. Nakanojo town, nestled along streams in Gunma prefecture, has seven wastewater treatment plants. Among them, Nakanojo wastewater treatment plant is the biggest municipal plant serving 5000 population equivalent.…

Ishikawa Stockbreeding, Inc. (Pig Manure Dewatering)

Suitable for pig manure Suitable for pig manure Problem Ishikawa Stockbreeding, Inc. had faced problems with labor and maintenance works accompanied with the handling of excess sludge, generated from their pig manure wastewater treatment plant. Before installing VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press, the excess sludge had been treated by all of the workers in the farm through…


Dramatic Change in Efficiency Brought by The Installation of The VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press Problem Since sludge dewatering equipment had not been installed in their wastewater treatment plant, sludge had been treated with a sand filter and took them 1 to 2 weeks to dry. Furthermore, the dried sludge had been picked up and placed in…

Škvorec WWTP, CZ

Change from dewatering bags to VOLUTE™ Client’s voice “Since we had installed VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press in our waste water treatment plant I realized how much time we were wasting using dewatering bags. VOLUTE™ doesn´t need my presence and works fully automatically. I don´t sometimes even know that there is a dewatering unit in operation.” Application…

Němčice nad Hanou WWTP, CZ

Operator loves VOLUTE™! Client’s voice “I ,as an employee of the operating company of the WWTP in Němčice, am very satisfied with the results which can VOLUTE™ achieve. I also appreciate the constant results of VOLUTE™ which has been achieving for last 2,5 years. Moreover we haven´t experienced any problem with the unit. The unit…

CSR-Apple juice and cider factory, Le Theil, FR

Simple Operation made me feel safe to run 24 hours unattended. Client’s voice “Due to a strong seasonality of our production we were struggling to dewater huge amount of sludge during summer months. Our former belt press allowed only 8 hours operation per day as the presence of operator was necessary. Also the water consumption…