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Pig Slaughterhouse in Tambov, Russia

• Replacement for decanter centrifuge
• DSC 28 – 30%
• Improvement of sludge management

Rental Solution: Food Colors Production Plant in Germany

• Rental Unit ready to use
• COD reduction
• DSC reaches up to 30 %
• Immediate dewatering

KankyouKougaku Inc.

A company that is continuously enhancing the client satisfaction level, I think so. Mr. Shuji Hoshina, Chief Executive Officer Automatic water vending machines are often located at super-markets. Our company developed the machines for the first time in Japan. We are engaged in designing, development, manufacturing, sales, and maintenance of total purification systems. In the…

Otokomae Tofu Inc.

• VOLUTE replaced belt filter press
• Low maintenance
• Second installation for the company
• Higher DSC

Komagata Foods Co., Ltd.

• Fish feed
• VOLUTE replaced belt filter press
• Better performance for better price
• Easy maintenance

Office building with underground wastewater treatment plant

• Underground wastewater treatment facility
• Installation of model VT Thickener
• Sludge is thickened from 12.000 to 30.000 mg/l
• Small footprint

Nippoh Chemicals CO.,LTD.

• VOLUTE replaces belt filter press
• Operators freed from maintenance
• No more spilling
• Self-cleaning mechanism

Nakanojo WWTP, Gunma, Japan

• Cost reduction
• No sludge pre-thickening needed
• Direct dewatering from oxidation ditch
• Fully automatic operation

Ishikawa Stockbreeding, Inc. (Pig Manure Dewatering)

• Pig manure dewatering
• DSC further transformed into compost and sold
• Time and financial saving on sludge disposal


• VOLUTE replaced time-consuming sand filter
• many laborers needed for the manipulation with DS
• Dewatering dependent on weather conditions
• Our dewatering press solved all the problems mentioned above

Škvorec WWTP, CZ

• Waste activated sludge
• Model: ES-131
• Replacement of dewatering bags technology
• Automatic operation
• DSC: 18%

Němčice nad Hanou WWTP, CZ

• Waste Activated SLudge
• ES-131
• Operation time is 16 hours a day
• DSC: 18%
• The operator is happy with the easy operation

CSR-Apple juice and cider factory, Le Theil, FR

• Waste activated sludge
• 24 hour/day operation
• Low water consumption
• Throughput: 80-90 kg-DS/h