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POLYMORE Polymer Make-up System – liquid

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POLYMORE Polymer Make-up System – liquid

In-line polymer mixing and dosing units. Polymore fits perfectly with VOLUTE in that it is compact, simple to operate, precise and delivers great results.
AMCON Europe are offering Polymore as part of a package with the award winning VOLUTE, this allows us to offer our ever•growing number of customers a plug and play experience.

Save labor by fully automatic operation
Just refill the stock solution tank / the hopper with polymer, and the device will do the rest from measurement to dissolution.

Consistent concentration
The concentration of the diluted polymer Is kept consistent as the device automatically measures the stock solution and dilution water.

Interlocked operation with sludge dewatering press or another machine
The device keeps monitoring the dissolving tank and the stock solution tank / the hopper using sensors. When the level of the polymer is low or when supply of dilution water is inadequate, the device automatically stops and sends a warning signal to external equipment.

POLYMORE Specification List

Max. pump capacity for
liquid polymer product
Max. dissolving water
Dimensions [mm]
micro 0,50.1230 fixed500425540
mini 3-0,60.6180520420535
duo 40-6,062 400640505590
midi 300-545418 0008006301020

This is a sample of the product range, ranging from the smallest to the largest details. Please contact us for specific models.