The advantages of VOLUTE dewatering press

Advantages of VOLUTE™

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VOLUTE™ is ideal for oily sludge and low concentrated sludge or even with raw wastewater, with clog-free and self-cleaning mechanism

The clogging of filter mesh decreases the efficiency of conventional dewatering equipment.
AMCON’s dewatering press is equipped with unique VOLUTE™ technology, which enables dewatering while automatically self-cleaning the filter mesh. This enables stable and constant dewatering to take place without depending on high pressure flushing water to prevent clogging.
This self-cleaning mechanism enables VOLUTE™ to be ideal to dewater oily sludge, which easily causes clogging and is difficult to treat with other types of dewatering equipment. Also, the clog-free filer mesh increases thickening capacity making it possible to apply VOLUTE™ also for primary treatment of wastewater, as an alternative to DAF for example.

cylinder moving and fixed rings

Revolution in sludge treatment VOLUTE™ introduced – Direct dewatering from OD reactor –

Generally speaking, in the precedent stage of sludge dewatering, there is a sludge thickening tank for pre-thickening of sludge and a sludge storage tank for storing the thickened sludge. The sludge in the sludge thickening tank or sludge storage tank gives off offensive odors as time passes while the thickening and dewatering treatment is processed. Direct dewatering of low concentration sludge from the OD reactor tank (aeration tank) with VOLUTE™ removes odor by dewatering fresh aerobic sludge, reduces investment costs for thickening and storage equipment and operation costs. Furthermore, phosphorus in waste activated sludge can be efficiently captured in the dewatered sludge cake, which reduces the load of returning phosphorus to the wastewater treatment. In addition, the condition of the sludge in the OD reactor tank (aeration tank) is always stable, which further contributes to the stable dewatering process.
This “Direct dewatering from OD reactor” was demonstrated for the first time ever in the world as a result of the joint research of AMCON and the Japan Sewage Works Agency in 1998, and now it is the most standard sludge treatment process flow in Japan with hundreds of applications.

Commonly used sludge treatment
OD reactor tank direct dewatering

Applicable to sludge in various kinds of applications

  • Municipal water and wastewater treatment plants
  • Dairy / Meat products plants / Abattoirs (slaughterhouses)  
  • Breweries / Distilleries
  • Fish farms / Livestock manure  
  • Raw wastewater treatment from small food factories
  • Chemicals manufacturing plants
  • Machinery manufacturing / Metal processing plants
  • Others (paper mill, glass factories, algae, etc.)

Wide range of line-up/Small footprint

Wide range of line-up

The model of sludge dewatering press based on the customer needs can be selected from a wide range of line-up, from a super-small 0.5 kg-DS/h throughput to a large 780 kg-DS/h throughput. Likewise, sludge thickeners can be selected from 1 m3 to 90 m3/h capacity.

De-centralized dewatering possible now

This is a new era for small scale wastewater treatment plants (as small as 500 PE) as AMCON prepared low-cost ultra-small mechanical dewatering press VOLUTE™.

This means to owners or operation companies of the small plants:

  • no need to store sludge for 3-4 weeks, which removes the smell issue and solve problem of highly concentrated nitrogen in sludge
  • no need to pay expensive sludge transportation fee or mobile dewatering service
  • no need to manage human resources for drivers of sludge transportation in case  

Small footprint

VOLUTE™ has a smaller footprint than other technologies. Compared to a standard screw press with throughput of 30 kg-DS/h, VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press can reduce the footprint by about 70%. VOLUTE™ can be installed in places where placement would not be possible with other technologies for reasons such as low building ceilings or limited area. Therefore, the construction cost of a large building for installation is not required.
* Figures are based on research by AMCON

Easy operation/Easy maintenance

Full automatic 24-hour operation without an operator on-site is possible with automatic operation control using various sensors. With this function, manual operation, such as starting or stopping, is not required. Moreover, daily maintenance is minimized, requires no skilled labor neither special knowledge, so that everybody can use it easily.

Our customer’s voice

Operator for wastewater treatment plant of aluminum casting plant

“I used to use a belt filter press for dewatering DAF sludge, which caused frequent clogging and low dewatering efficiency, making my job very troublesome.
After the installation of VOLUTE™, the maintenance hours were tremendously reduced compared with the time when I had to spend a lot of time every day cleaning the belt filter, and we now have full automatic operation without an operator, making my job much easier.”

Operator for a municipal wastewater treatment plant

“After the installation of VOLUTE™ Dewatering Press, the working hours for sludge treatment have been sharply cut. Now, I only have to treat the dewatered cake and refill the polymer once a week, which is very easy. The dewatering press operates continuously for 24 hours without any trouble, and our working hours are just the minimum.”

Environment friendly (power saving/low noise/water saving design)

Power saving

The screw which is the main component of VOLUTE™ rotates very slowly at a rate of 2 to 4 rpm, so that it consumes very low power and thus economical. When comparing VOLUTE™ with centrifuge for 30 kg-DS/h throughput, the power consumption of VOLUTE™ is 1/20th of centrifuge which requires rotation at high speed.

Comparison of power consumption among sludge dewatering equipments (throughput 30 kg-DS/h)
* Figures are based on researched by AMCON


Low noise/low vibration

Because VOLUTE™ has no rotating body with high speed, there is no concern about noise and vibration.
The low noise releases stress and noise protection are not required when the machine is in operation.
Moreover, the vibration is also minimized so that no sophisticated groundwork is required.
For these reasons, a comfortable work environment can be secured.

Comparison between noise of dewatering equipment and daily life noise
*Figures are based on research by AMCON



VOLUTE™ prevents filter mesh from clogging with its unique self-cleaning mechanism, removing the need for huge amounts of water for clogging prevention. When compared with dewatering equipments of the same throughput, the amount of cleaning water required for VOLUTE™ is about 1/115th of belt press and about 1/12th of conventional screw press.

Comparison of spray washing water consumption among dewatering equipments (throughput 30 kg-DS/h)
* Figures are based on research by AMCON


Warranty and reliable after-sales service

As many users continue to use dewatering/thickening equipment for more than 15 years, the after-sales service from the manufacturer is very important. AMCON thinks the relationship with a customer starts after the installation of the product. We focus on after-sales service that makes the operator on site feels comfortable to operate and maintain for many years to come. Please feel free to inquire with any questions, such as how to operate, check and maintain equipment, etc.
All AMCON products are accompanied with a two-year warranty for users to comfortably use.

Our customer’s voice

Operator for wastewater treatment plant for beverage production factory

I was faced with the problem of sludge not discharging from the dewatering press. I called AMCOM to ask for advice to solve the problem, and they told me how to handle the situation in a way easy for even me, who is not an expert, to understand. That was very helpful. If the dewatering press stops, it will affect the production of our products. Therefore, AMCON’s always swift response is very much appreciated.

Operator for wastewater treatment plant for cosmetics manufacturing factory

I was newly assigned to wastewater treatment due to a personnel relocation. I was very anxious because I had no experience in operating/managing sludge dewatering press. At the time, an AMCON sales engineer came over for inspection and he explained to me how to operate everything, which was helpful. I was also impressed with his heartiness for the work. He said “If you need our help, let us know immediately”, and that encouraged me.